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Customised water solutions – on time and on budget


NQ Water has a team of filtration specialists who are solution focused and ready to develop the best filtration plan for you, to ensure optimum water clarity and purification.

After discussing your requirements and chemical testing (if required) we can provide a filtration system to suit your specific objectives.

NQ Water specialises in many filtration applications, from domestic filtration for water pumped out of a bore to a house, all the way through to supplying potable water for mine camps or remote locations. We also have the expertise and experience for projects such as desalination of water on islands or boats.

Each filtration situation can be assessed and attended to with a plan that filters and treats water adequately, ensuring best performance, functionality and cleanliness.

NQ Water is also trained and skilled in the application of filtration using the process of UV sterilising.

We understand water is a precious natural resource and we are committed to looking after it.