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Customised water solutions – on time and on budget


NQ Water stocks a range of stainless steel and poly pipe to suit any application, across the domestic, industrial and commercial spaces.

Perhaps you require stainless steel piping for rigid equipment used in heavy duty application or strong and efficient poly pipe that’s easier to work with and suitable for use with bigger flows?

The skilled and experienced team at NQ Water work with you to ensure you have the most suitable piping for your objectives.

We can assist in planning, developing and installing irrigation systems, using stainless steel or poly pipe in your garden, paddock or property.

NQ Water specialises in irrigation infrastructure to ensure your property, garden or paddocks are sufficiently watered, in an economical and sustainable way.

We specialise in the following areas of irrigation:
Pop Up Irrigation:
often used in commercial and residential settings, the pop up irrigation technology is an efficient and economical way of irrigating areas of lawn or garden with ease.

Drip Irrigation:
this form of irrigation is an effective way of watering plants directly, with minimal wastage and maximum water consumption efficiency. Water is dripped slowly to the plants, either on to the surface of the soil or directly to the root systems.

Broadacre irrigation:
NQ Water has the technology and the team to fully equip you with the broadacre irrigation equipment you need to successfully irrigate your country. From centre pivots, sprays or pumps for irrigating channels, NQ Water has you covered.

With stores open across Mackay, NQ Water has a team of friendly, dedicated and experienced people, ready to assist the region with tailor made, water smart solutions.


NQ Water are also proud owners of PoolSmartz, a specialised team with the know-how and the skill to maintain your prized pool and spa.

We understand water is a precious natural resource and we are committed to looking after it.