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Customised water solutions – on time and on budget


NQ Water carries out complete facility management, ensuring your irrigation systems, pumps and pools on your property are fully functioning and running efficiently.

With a positive, well informed and solution orientated approach, we ensure you are as proud of your property as we are of the work we do for you.

The team at NQ Water has the skill and know-how to manage and maintain a broad range of irrigation and pumping facilities as a part of a facility management plan specifically created for you.

Some of the areas which we manage and maintain include:
Water treatment plants, Sewerage treatment plants, Reverse osmosis units, Water waste dispersal, Ground maintenance, Preventative maintenance.

Whether it be resorts, hotels and public pools, we can visit as regularly as you need to ensure the pumps, pool maintenance, and filtration around the property are maintained.

We are fully mobile and can easily travel to properties within the Mackay and Whitsunday regions.

NQ Water also installs and maintains commercial pools, from supply of chemicals and accessories as well as maintenance of filters or your complete facility.

A more detailed list of how NQ Water can assist with your commercial pool needs includes:

Bulk Chemicals:
commercial pools require chemicals to be incorporated in to the water accurately, ensuring safety of the water for swimmers.

Filter media supply:
filtering is a crucial element of maintaining commercial pools, ensuring it’s clean and sediment free. NQ Water stocks a range of filter media to ensure your commercial pool is equipped with the right filtration system.

Installing Heating or Blankets

NQ Water has experience installing large heating pumps for commercial pools across the region.

Regardless of the pool heating system in your pool, a commercial pool blanket will also increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of heating systems.

With stores open across Mackay, NQ Water has a team of friendly, dedicated and experienced people, ready to assist the region with tailor made, water smart solutions.


NQ Water are also proud owners of PoolSmartz, a specialised team with the know-how and the skill to maintain your prized pool and spa.

We understand water is a precious natural resource and we are committed to looking after it.