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NQ Water has a long and proud association with the agricultural industry.


NQ Water services farmers and landholders across Mackay and surrounding districts, including the Central Highlands. 

We can help with designing, supplying, installing, servicing and repairing equipment including:

  • Centre Pivots and Laterals
  • Low Pressure Booms
  • Hard Hose Irrigators
  • Surface and Sub-Surface Drip Systems
  • Solar Pumping Units
  • Large Scale Water Reticulation for Stock Watering
  • Irrigation Fittings
  • Diesel Engines (Remote start if required)
  • Generators
  • Windmills and associated products
  • Flood Lifting
  • Stock Troughs
  • Tanks (Poly, Concrete or Liner)
  • Molasses Pumping
  • Submersible Borehole Units

Pump brands include:
Davey Water, Flygt, Godwin, Grindex, Lowara, Multiflo, ONGA, Pioneer, Stalker, Sulzer, Sykes, Truflo

Pump types include:
Centrifugal pumps, Domestic, Industrial, Multi stage/boosting pumps, Positive, displacement, Pressure systems, Slurry pumps, Submersible pumps, Turbine pumps

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We understand water is a precious natural resource and we are committed to looking after it.