As the population growth accelerates it will have the effect of putting pressure on food production.  Demand for food will continue to increase and the pressure on growers will grow with this increase. Farmers and growers are looking to get better equipped with the tools, data, and support to stay competitive and remain ahead of the game. 

We have put together some of the top irrigation trends that are worth watching over the coming months. The information we have gathered includes the unfettered rise of emerging technologies. There are also a number of sustainability initiatives to government policies that could affect any farming or growing operation. The last few months of this year and the upcoming year look interesting, to say the least.

1. Wireless Crop Monitoring and Control

In 2022, farmers have used more and more technology to keep an eye on their fields. There are a number of solutions to choose from that offer the ability to manage your irrigation systems remotely. You can do this using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. These solutions mean that the control of pressure, flow, and water levels anytime and from anywhere are now possible. An added bonus is they are more sustainable and are definitely a more cost-effective option for your irrigation needs.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has the potential to be an absolute game changer in the world of agriculture and irrigation. The ability to forecast and predict analytics has the potential to help reduce errors. This reduction will in turn ensure that the risk of crop failures is minimised. Some of these AI solutions use advanced data, science, and modeling technology to analyse and predict resulting in a high level of accuracy and useability. 

These solutions use information relating to forecasted rainfall amounts and crop growth models. This means a prediction on a 7-day outlook for a specific crop’s water needs is now possible. Growers will have a much clearer idea of general water trends in their soil. That helps them to create a more efficient and effective plan.

 3. Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

It is true that this technology has been around for a number of years. The industry believes that it is going to see a resurgence in 2023 because of its ability to increase profitability and productivity. Both are possible while conserving water. There have been a few leaders in this space for years. They are responsible for helping growers provide precise amounts of water to each area of their fields and for the different types of crops. VRI has many benefits and is proven to reduce overwatering, runoff, and nutrient leaching.

4. Data-Informed Decision Making

These days, everything is driven by data. At a basic level, this includes the media we browse through to the way we manage our fields. It is far more efficient and is a great management solution for differing crop types. It is also useful to give information regarding the optimal planting dates, soil maps, local weather information, and irrigation history. Using this gathered information allows recommendations to be made on when, where, and how much to irrigate your fields. All this data is now available in one easy-to-use tool. That means smarter, better-informed decisions so that you can maximize yield and minimize waste. Being able to see this info at your fingertip gives improved visibility. It will also give you peace of mind that your irrigation settings are correct.

5. Water Management

We are predicting a marriage of water and irrigation management and conservation principles like never before. Our farm’s water needs will be a big trend in farming moving forward. Our changes in weather patterns mean this is less predictable.

An announcement was recently made by the UN-Water. This is related to a greater focus on understanding and spotlighting groundwater in the coming months and years. Did you know that according to their team, “groundwater provides about 40% of water for irrigated agriculture and about 1/3 of water supply required for industry?” 

Growers and food producers who embrace and engage in their own water conservation efforts will be ahead of the game. They will be the leaders in using the technology that could make all the difference when it comes to sustainability and the overall health of the Australian environment.

There is little disagreement that water management and soil conservation make for a great partnership. They are both essential for the longevity and success of farmland across our great nation. Finding ways to slow down erosion, maintain fertility and avoid degradation will help make sure farmland remains beneficial for the world. We each have a responsibility now and for the generations to come. Intelligent irrigation systems can go a long way in preventing over-saturation, runoff and the wastage of this precious commodity.

Our Most Popular Irrigation Systems:

At NQ Water we specialise in irrigation infrastructure to ensure your property, garden or paddocks are sufficiently watered, in an economical and sustainable way.

We specialise in the following areas of irrigation:

Pop Up Irrigation:

This form of irrigation is often used in commercial and residential settings. Pop up irrigation technology is an efficient and cost-effective way of irrigating areas of lawn or garden with ease.

Pop-ups are the ultimate in water delivery systems for your lawn and garden. They offer great usability while being concealed when not in use and are specifically designed as part of a system to offer maximum water efficiency. pop-up sprinkler systems are ideal for many different types of gardens and also for commercial settings.

Drip Irrigation:

Drip Irrigation is an effective way of watering plants directly. There will be minimal wastage and the water consumption efficiency. Water is dripped (hence the name) slowly to the plants, either on to the surface of the soil or directly to the root systems.

Drip irrigation is an extremely efficient method for the irrigation of crops. It has the advantage of lower evaporation than other irrigation methods. It is recognised as the most common type of “micro irrigation.” Drip irrigation is one of the more advanced techniques being used today. 

Broadacre irrigation:

NQ Water has the technology and the team to fully equip you with the broadacre irrigation equipment. This will allow you to effectively irrigate your crops or lawns. For use both in a commercial setting and larger residential options, centre pivots, sprays or pumps for irrigating channels.

If you would like to discuss your irrigation options with one of our experts, please email us at 

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